V2 Vouches Its Quality By Boldly Offering V2 Lifetime Warranty

The awareness and popularity of the benefits of e-cigarette is increasing day by day. E-cigs is the best alternative for the traditional smoke and has no side effects when used. There are many benefits of using this product and thus many users now prefer to use it.

Switching over to e-cigarette does no harm to you, instead prevents you from suffering from any health hazards such as-


l  Death

l  Severe health issues

l  Spending more on cigarettes

l  Passive smoking

l  Negative impression about self

l  Bad breath and foul smell


People who have realized these positive factors have quit smoking by taking up e-cigarettes. Many have claimed that using the e-cigarettes they never felt like going back to smoking the usual cigs. This is a healthy way to quit smoking, without causing much stress and efforts.


Also in e-cigarettes, the nicotine levels can be chosen as per your wish. Heavy users can 100% nicotine level in the beginning and then slowly reduce the nicotine level to 50%, 25% and then get down to 0 % which will make your smoke nicotine free.


Now that you know the benefits of e-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes, you might wonder how to purchase a better one from the net. One of the latest and quite famous products is V2 e-cigs.


About V2


V2 e-cigarettes offer you the best quality product at an affordable cost. Many e-cigarette users who have tried other brands of e-cigarette are happy and satisfied after trying V2 e-cigs.


V2 users can enjoy different flavors like Tobacco, Mint tea, Menthol, Peppermint, Coffee, Chocolate, Cherry, and Vanilla. You can cherish and taste the various flavors, along with nicotine. Also the throat hit and the vapor is also claimed to be minimal and thus has no adverse affect at all on you.


Also the best part in V2 e-cigs is that they offer lifetime warranty on all the components of the product. With better features and more benefits, this product certainly stands out of the other brands that are available in the market.


Lifetime Warranty Offer by V2


V2 e-cigarette puts forward a thoughtful and innovative offer to its customers, which is life time warranty for its products. The company would replace the unit or any of the components which is not working due to some normal wear and tear. Many companies would provide service or replacement coverage for few years, but V2 cigarettes have taken a step ahead by providing coverage for the entire life time.


The unit should have been used under normal conditions without any modifications, repairs or any other physical misuse. However, to avoid the misuse of this benefit the company has limited the number of exchanges that is allowed on the products. One unit can be replaced 5 times in total due to various reasons and not more than that.


Once your V2 e-cigarette fails to work, you would have to call the customer care of the company and explain the issue. They would help you modestly to troubleshoot the issue and fix it. If that does not work out despite of the basic steps then a new product equivalent to your unit will be shipped to you along with an envelope for you to return the defective unit as well.


Different Types Of V2 Standard Cig Batteries

V2 Cigs as we all know is an electronic cigarette company, which always believes in product consistency and quality. The company is also known for providing three different types of electronic cigarette batteries.

  • The first one is called as Shorty cig.
  • The second one is V2 Standard cig.
  • The third one is called as Long cig.

All of these batteries provided by the V2 Cigs Company are very efficient and delivers perfect and excellent throat hit.

Due to smooth operation and good output V2 Standard cig batteries are growing in popularity. The main difference in all these three types of batteries is their size and number of puffs they deliver.

Details about three different types of v2 standard cig batteries:

Shorty Cig Battery

The first one that is Shorty cig is small and very handy type of battery and looks very good. This type of battery is not too much bigger than the normal cigarette. Normally you get about 150 to 160 puffs with the help of one completely charged Shorty cig battery. The time taken by the battery to get completely charged is roughly 2 hours. The battery rating is 150 mAh and the average length of these kinds of batteries is around 100 mm combined with cartridge. As per the customer’s reviews, such kind of e cig batteries is the sleekest of all batteries

Standard Cig Battery

The Second one that is V2 Standard cig is medium sized battery and the length is 110 mm including the cartridge. The battery rating is 250 mAh and normally takes two to three hours for complete charge and delivers about 200 puffs in one complete charge. These kinds of batteries are neither too short nor not too long and easily fit into pocket, which makes them easy to handle and is considered as ideal for those people who always travel.

Long Cig Battery

The last but not the least are the Long cig provided by the V2 Cigs Company and generate about 300 puffs in one complete single charge. The time taken by the battery to get fully charged is almost 4 hours and the length of such battery is 140 mm including the cartridge. The size of such batteries is little longer and come with a rating of 380 mAh.

Benefits of knowing about V2 E cig batteries:

  • As batteries are the main component of electronic cigarettes we need to have complete information about the batteries offered and it becomes easier for us to decide what kind of battery we want for us.
  • Another best part about these batteries and the V2 Standard cig batteries is that they come in two different modes that is automatic and manual mode.
  •  Moreover, these are also available in four different colors such as white, black, and red and blue.

All of these products and accessories are elegantly packed in attractive looking packages and its looks very stylish and appealing when we hold them in our hands. These reasons are enough to make them as the best electronic cigarette brand across the United States of America and also the rest of the world.

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